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Outfit of the Day: Bright Bloom 

I’m one of those weirdos who loves the summer heat. I love the ease of throwing on light clothing, baring my skin to the warmth of the sun, and watching my yard become an unruly ecosystem of greenery, animals, full of buzzing bees in the day and singing crickets and frogs at night. I will say, this is my first successful garden ever by my own hand. I remember all five senses being hit with the beauty, smells, sounds, touch, and taste of the gardens my mom planted every year. I was never able to get anything fruitful nor did I ever have the space to create such a sanctuary before, so it is particularly special to me to do now that I have my own place with my hubs. There is nothing more satisfying than making something from nothing. Watching sunflowers grow above my head, picking fresh jalapeños for cooking, and mint for a mojito are staples of this particularly hot summer that I will always remember. 

As for fashion, my closet has been accumulating crop tops of all kinds for awhile now, and they take up their own little section I am pretty proud of. If you had asked me years ago if I would be walking out of my house baring my belly, beautifully and unapologetically- I would of called you crazy. I guess we all have things that we dare to try and love. If we cultivate a love for ourselves just as we are now, there’s no telling what kind of things will bloom from that self- acceptance. 

Skirt: Gwynnie Bee (Size up!)

Crop top: F21

Jewelry: F21

Sandals:  DSW


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